NGO Partners

A wise man once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  At Tea Connoisseurs Delight, our core philosophies of community empowerment and responsible stewardship drive us to pursue meaningful reforms to improve the lives of tea pluckers.  For the underprivileged, the mere access to modern technologies shines like an illuminating sunbeam against the opaque shroud of the modern world.  We are proud to provide cutting edge technologies: electronic banking services and telecommunications technologies, to communities that have never enjoyed such marvels.

Cumulatively these innovations will decrease the dependence of tea pluckers on the modern socio-economic structure and open doors to future opportunities.  In this endeavor, we are not alone and we are aided by numerous business groups, government agencies and NGOs; we labor with them towards these aims and are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

Perfect One World

From the Earth cometh all things and returneth in due time.   Yet even as modernity reshapes the world around us there remain many vulnerable communities that lack adequate agricultural resources, trading networks and farming implements to thrive.  Perfect One World believes that sharing first world farming expertise wherever it is needed is the greatest gift it can offer to humanity.  Armed with a South Korean can-do attitude and supported by a worldwide network of advisors and architects Perfect One World focuses on fortifying local agricultural independence, providing the most needed assets to the most needy people.  Projects vary from architectural design and construction, environmental impact and sustainability counseling, and much needed moral support for the most vulnerable when it is most needed.  Perfect One World sets an unparalleled example in responsibility and conduct, personal compassion and willingness to act in the vision of building a better world for us all.  We are grateful for their support.

Stateless People Foundation

Sri Lanka has made great strides over the past one hundred years.  Unfortunately this progress has not been shared equally among everyone in the country.  In particular, the population of Tamil laborers in the country lack access to the diverse public institutions and social insurance programs that most take for granted.  The Stateless People Foundation seeks to integrate these agricultural workers within the existing Sri Lankan cultural framework, focusing on delivering tangible and incremental improvements to laborers and their families.  Founded in 2014 by H. L. Ananda to support local workers in and around the Diyadola Estate, the Stateless People Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of the workers in the Tamil community by addressing the most pressing needs: illiteracy and malnutrition.   As the laborers spend many hours in the fields and have limited financial capacity or spare energy to tend to education and personal development of the youth, efforts in the foundation focus on providing nutrient rich meals and tutoring services to the youth within the Tamil community.  For the adult population, which often finds difficulty enrolling in local electronic banking services, the foundation prides itself on delivering modern electronic savings and payment platforms to the Tamil community.  The Stateless People Foundation believes that with each new tool, the laborers in the Tamil community become more self-sufficient and able to live the lives that they choose.