Family Values

Golden Rule

We follow the golden rule; we treat everyone how we wish to be treated. We care about the quality of our produce and the well being of our guests. We care about our workers, that they keep good health and happiness. We are always eager to talk to our guests to improve the experience.

Family Integrity

80 years ago, my grandfather started cultivating small nurseries along the terracing of a small hill. Each day he would walk to market to sell young saplings. He cared deeply about creating a quality product and instilled those values in our entire family.   For more than 50 years he lived and worked in Southern Sri Lanka, building a foundation of making good products, at reasonable cost.  

Each of my grandfather's sons learned the old man's lessons well.  Some - like us are farmers - others work in construction or manufacturing, but everyone has a heartfelt adoration for the quality tradition that we uphold.  

Our parents worked from this foundation, establishing the Diyadola estate as a luscious paradise on the Island of Sri Lanka.

Since inception, we have prided ourselves a genuinely caring business culture.  More than trustworthy, we strive to show our integrity with.  trustworthy business culture, respect for tea and a desire to take our family venture to the next level. This is where, “Tea Connoisseurs Delight” was born.

We are teaming up with the right people to make the freshest tea on the planet. Our lives are touched by tea more than anyone else on Earth. We are connoisseurs in the tea industry and understand the art and science behind the tea. Above all, we are helping beautiful people who have the true desire to make a good tea.