Korean Organic Products

Korean Organic

Do you ever feel that your food needs more variety, quality, and care?  We do too, and Tea Connoisseurs Delight is always working to introduce new and exciting products and exceed expectations with new fresher, more wholesome foods.  Several months ago after getting valuable feedback from some of our Korean friends and partners, we decided to upgrade and improve our product line to meet the rigorous standards of the Korean Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in its Korean Organic Certification.

Developing a new product line was a large undertaking, requiring extensive research and preparation.  Fortunately, most of the Korean product and organic standards are translated into the English language.  But there were still some notable challenges.   The relevant food standards listed in the Korean Food Code governing all food sold in Korea are extensive and differ from many Western countries in many ways.   Also as a Sri Lankan manufacturer we were not eligible for cross listing of organic products in Korea based on our USDA organic certification. 

Nonetheless, with our goal in mind we started working.  Working with our partners, we have built new supply channels to ensure that we are able to meet all the relevant food standards in the Korean Food Code.  Starting in October, we solicited advisory services from Control Union in order to make sure that we met the standards of the Korean Organic Certification.  Over the next several months - based on their advice and consultation from several partners we revamped our cinnamon plant to include new, modern sorting machinery, additional testing/laboratory equipment, and remotely accessible security services.   

These improvements and our dedication to providing a quality product to our customers.  Continued feedback, inquiries, and research innovations will help us propel forward as we look forward to progress in Sri Lanka.    


Agricultural Modernization Project

Agricultural Modernization Project

The World Bank's Agricultural Modernization Project coordinated through the Ministry of Primary Industries of Sri Lanka. Designed with the goal of revolutionizing the country's domestic economy, enriching the lives of ordinary farmers, and rebuilding hope in the country.

The project is modeled on similar programs that have been implemented in other countries during the course of their development trajectory. With the financial resources and backing of a large organization like the World Bank, small, medium size enterprises, non-governmental organizations, professional advisory associations, small farmer organizations and communities are able to cooperatively organize to create a vibrant framework for the sustainable development of the nation.

Tea Connoisseurs Delight has been selected during the initial project selection phase and will work with the Ministry of Primary Industries in the Neluwa area of the Southern Province.

Welcome to Our Tea Paradise!

Tea Paradise

Welcome to Our Tea Paradise!

You are invited with open arms to stay in our beautiful tea bungalow located in the middle of this miraculous land. We want you to experience the amazing hospitality, nature, food, beautiful people and above all, the amazing drink we call, our Ceylon tea.

Our farm is at the top of a hill, in a rainforest valley with winding streams and reservoirs.  Your tea grows in a land filled with romantic landscapes, guarded by tall mountains, and enriched by a natural habitat and pristine lakes.
The tea bungalow is located on the top of the hill, and you will start the day by breathing the purest morning air, watching morning birds, peacocks, and many other wet-zone animals. You will be served with natural food from our farm which are sometimes harder to find in Sri Lanka.

You will be the first to visit ours and Sri Lanka’s first mini tea processing unit and you will experience the way how we make the truly freshest tea on the planet. The people are the most valuable element in our endeavor and you will see how we, as a family, positively transform the beautiful lives of our tea pickers.

Swimming in the lake or the pool, walking through tea bushes, hiking, biking, fishing, water rafting or simply enjoying a Ceylon white tea are activities you could experience while you stay at the tea bungalow.
Our intention is not just to offer you a business package, rather to do what it takes to leave you with a memorable experience. This is our way of saying thank you for the sincere contribution to Sri Lanka’s first mini tea factory while helping the tea pickers.