Welcome to Our Home, the Sinharaja Rainforest Valley!

Tea Connoisseurs Delight is your guide to Sri Lanka - the Pearl of Asia.  Our home grown tea & spices, immaculate wood carvings & pottery, and premier hospitality & guided tours will always deliver a delightful experience!  

A Culture of Craftsmanship

Here at Tea Connoisseurs Delight our family owned values have been guiding  our honest practices for the last 80 years.  We are committed to sharing only the best handmade and artisinal produce and handcraft.

Family Values

At Tea Connoisseurs Delight, we believe in sharing our proceeds directly with our workers in the form of profit sharing and with the local artisans who make the immaculate hand-carved art and pottery.  These skills have been passed from family to family for literally thousands of years.  

Giving Back

Committed to enriching our local communities in an exciting diverse world, Tea Connoisseurs Delight gives an open hand to all manner of groups.  Our partners include, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim charitable organizations.  We sponsor and work closely with Non-for profit groups from Burma, Sri Lanka, and the United States.